5 Topics to Discuss With Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Myrtle Beach Condo

Selling Myrtle Beach CondoIf you are considering selling your Myrtle Beach condo then now is the time to speak with a qualified real estate agent.  Whether you are selling an investment property or your primary residence you will need to evaluate several criteria such as regional markets, the features of your unit, the time of year and other factors so your agent can create a plan that is customized to your situation.  Here are 5 key topics to review with your agent if you are selling a condo in Myrtle Beach.

#1 What is the best time of year to sell a Myrtle Beach condo

Here in our summer vacation paradise, spring is usually the best time of year to sell.  However, we also have an influx in the winter of retirees who are escaping the northern cold so the fall can also be a good time to sell depending on your location.  A good real estate agent can suggest the best season for the sale of your condo based on location and the your target market.

#2  Important to De-Clutter

It is no secret that a condo that shows well will definitely sell faster and at a higher price.  Even the need for a minor repair can flag there is a serious problem in the eyes of a potential buyer.  A condo that is free of personal clutter, tidy and in good shape will sell quickly.  Clear kitchen counters and bathroom sinks of toiletries and dishes.  Organize any storage areas or pantries.  Replace light bulbs that are dim and clean the windows.  In most condos, the entrance is considered common area but you will want to take it upon yourself to clear away any debris and give your condo “curb appeal.”

 #3 What to accentuate to a potential buyer

You are selling a lifestyle of ease that is associated with condo ownership.  Many potential buyers, especially retirees, are looking for the maintenance-free living that can’t be found with a detached home.  The amenities are another important consideration and you want to point them out to any potential buyer.  Make sure that your real estate agent is fully aware of everything your unit has to offer so they can point out these features when showing your condo.  Are you conveniently located near a shopping area, unique restaurants or other attraction? What makes your condo unique?  Why did you buy?

#4 Bottom Line Price vs Desired Price

Before you decide to list your Myrtle Beach condo for sale you need to determine what is your desired selling price and the absolute minimum you will accept. Your agent can help you to access the sales of recent condos and existing listings in your area.  Your agent will help you determine a reasonable asking price and work with your to determine the absolute lowest price you are willing to accept.

#5 Disclosures

You will need to disclose any problems that may affect the value of the property.  This will include a copy of the home owner’s association bylaws, recent meeting minutes and the cost of common utilities and insurance.  You also need to disclose any defects to the property such as appliances that are not up to date or leaking.  Your real estate agent will know what you are legally obligated to disclose.

JP Real Estate Experts are help to help you sell your Myrtle Beach condo.  We have the experience to sell your condo quickly and at a reasonable price.

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